Our Story

About 321glo

Glow from the inside out!

I have seen that what I put into my body has had a direct effect on my outer shell, appearance and mood. I have seen that this not only constitutes food but thoughts, patterns, beliefs and so much more. I was a girl chasing ‘perfect’ but in my quest to ‘look good’ I was anything but happy and ‘feeling good’. I was that girl who would restrict my food because I felt like "I couldn't have it' which would inevitably lead to binging cycles and feelings of regret,self-sabotage, disappointment and failure. 

The day I decided to take the reigns on my life and shift my focus from how I wanted to look to how I wanted to FEEL is when everything changed. My defining moment was when I realized I didn't need to be 'fixed'. When I realized I didn't need to live by 'rules' or 'restrictions'. 

When I realized I had the power to change and when I felt FREEDOM from living without restrictions is when my body started to change. When my mind was clear. You CAN have a healthy life and you CAN reach your goals and desires while enjoying your life throughout the process. I wanted to feel empowered, beautiful, confident and successful - and that’s what this is all about. I created 321glo as a brand that is all about helping others become better versions of themselves while attaining a beautiful glō both inside and out.

To truly shine, you have to begin from the inside out!!!